• 1993 BMW 318i S



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      Ever wanted luxury and gas economy in the same car? Well look no further with this BMW: it's a 4 cylinder which gets great gas mileage, it's a BMW, so the luxury is there, and with it being a 4 cylinder, it's simple and low-cost to maintain!
      For sale is an immaculate 1993 BMW 318iS Coupe. Red exterior, beige interior, automatic. The car has 149,000 miles on it, have the AutoCheck to show the history of it. This car was flawlessly maintained. The interior is a 10/10, and so is the exterior. This car is almost the same as it was out of factory, the only two things that have been changed on this car are the fog lights, which are now Yellow, and a radio, which now has AUX input. Here's what the car comes with:

      -Original owners manual as seen in picture
      -2 sets of keys, with WORKING BMW remotes for locking and unlocking the doors!
      -Almost BRAND NEW tires
      -The complete tool kit in the trunk
      -Perfect interior
      -AUX input on the radio, along with a remote for the radio.

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